I have decided to broaden my horizons in the social media world.  Rather than sticking to only Facebook, I have chosen to experiment with Google Plus, Last.FM, and Twitter to experience more social media extravaganzas.  Although I have accounts with these three social media tools already, I plan to expand my knowledge of the three tools and find more significance between the three.

Google Plus

I find Google Plus to be similar to other social networks.  This is the one I am most unfamiliar with as to how they are trying to separate themselves from other networks.  I understand you must have a gmail address in order to have a GooglePlus account, and I also get that you can have many circles of friends to share all sorts of news, information, and other stuff that people find interesting or useful.  I want to experiment with this network the most so that I can understand what is so significantly different in comparison to others.


This is the social music revolution, apparently.  I am always very interested in finding new music and finding people that share similar taste in music with me.  Last.FM is similar to Pandora, but more of a social network mixed with it.  I expect to find many friends on there so that I can be introduced to new music while introducing music to others. 


This social media tool is a network that keeps you updated on all of your interests.  You can follow whoever you want that shares information that you care about or find interesting and be updated with every conversation.  Common expectations that people have for Twitter are that they can be updated by many of their friends or celebrities from all over the world.  I plan to follow some of my favorite musicians, actors/shows, athletes, and some of my friends so that I can experience everything new going on with them.  

To understand each of these social media networking tools, I plan to just experiment and click around.  I want to see what I can find and see what others are doing that is popular or not, this way I can get the experience I need to become an expert.  I also want to eventually be able to share my own thoughts and ideas so that I can give my knowledge to others.

Jesus is My Airbag

There are multiple ways you might interpret this picture of Dave Grohl.  You might see a rebel, a drunk asshole, a fun guy, a professional scooter driver, or even a Christian. But that’s not what makes the image. What makes the image so significant is the smallest thing on the poster.  What some people might think of as just a bumper sticker, I think of as an important message.

With a beer in one hand, a middle finger up in the other, and Dave’s teeth-gritting expression, it just seems to tell me, “FUCK IT! GO LIVE IT UP!”

But there’s more to it.

It’s funny how the image combines Dave on the scooter with a “Jesus is my airbag” bumper sticker.  Obviously he isn’t driving the scooter, but he clearly doesn’t give a shit, and nor should we.  The image all together is telling me that Jesus has our backs, and Dave is our primary example here.  When I see Dave, I see a man who is raging out for life, trying to live it to the fullest and not have a worry in the world.  Let’s be honest, there is a lot to worry about in this life of ours. We have to follow the laws and do all the bullshit that the government is forcing us to do.  But I think what the ultimate message the image is attempting to portray is that through every life choice we are begin protected by the man above.  We shouldn’t be afraid of the things in life because Jesus IS our airbag.

If you aren’t a firm believer in Jesus, then you may not agree with me, but just try to understand.

Look deeper into the bumper sticker!

Jesus is my airbag.
Jesus is comparable to an airbag in a weird way, so before you get your panties in a bunch for thinking I’m messed up in the head let me try to explain it to you.  The vehicle can be a model of our life and the airbag can be a model of Jesus.  In a car we have choices to make like putting on a seat belt and driving a certain way just like we have to make choices in life.  We cannot choose when the airbag goes off, it just does at the necessary times just as Jesus does.

When we crash or fall, Jesus is there for us.  Whether we live or die, there is always a positive to take from the things that happen to us.  If we live, we take a lesson from it.  And if we die then we start a new eternal life in heaven.  There is no reason to be afraid of death.  These things happen to us for a reason.  We have a direction and choices to make during our life.  And Jesus is the one who is there to guide and save us.  Sort of like an airbag.


They rocked the 90s with their ripped jean shorts, high socks and boots, worn down t-shirts with a plaid shirt tied around their waist, and we can’t forget the long hair used to head bang the shit out of the stage.  With both hands up in the air giving the symbol of rock, fans from all over worshipped this group. 

Pearl Jam didn’t just have a rockin voice with a few mean guitars and a kick ass drumset.  They were lyricists!  They played songs about abuse, hope, rebellion, and other emotions that engaged in so many troubling young adults.  This was the generation of the good old “fuck you, World!”  And Pearl Jam was a great addition to the rebellious soundtrack.

Black is a personal favorite of mine because of the connection I get from listening to it.  Not only am I a huge fan of the instrumental aspects, but I’m just as much of a fan of the lyrics.  When you listen to Pearl Jam, it’s common for you to want to rock out, but if you listen to the words, you will get more out of the meaning and become attached.  Black is essentially about a Romeo losing his Juliet.  Just like anyone, he is troubled and confused, and as said in the song “All the love gone bad turned my world to black”.  You really just have to listen to the lyrics to understand and feel the emotion behind it. 

To add to the song, the instruments add a good head bang and feel for the rock aspect.  The guitar is soft throughout the song, but when it begins to break down you can feel it getting heavy.  I absolutely enjoy listening to the guitar when it harmonizes with the piano and singing at the end. 

The most important part about this song is the voice of Eddie Vedder.  Eddie is one of my favorite singers.  Not only does he have a great sound to his voice, he always puts all of his energy into the song and displays so much emotion.  As his voice gets louder and louder, and begins to scream as the song progresses is when you can really understand the idea of the pain behind losing his lover. 

Listen to this song!  Pay attention to the lyrics more so than anything, but really get a feel for his voice.  You might get chills at the end with the combination of the guitar, piano, lyrics, and his heart raging voice.


Let’s say that this blog is a smashing hit!  It gets a lot of comments and a lot of views.  I attract a bunch of people and they keep coming back for more.  Now my blog page is a hit with a great target base, and now im a millionaire.


It’s a great feeling when you hit it right on the money.  You’re on top of your game, and more people want to be in your shoes.  But who are your followers?  Who do you want to follow you?  What’s your target?

Realistically, I’m not going to attract everyone to my blogs or to any other idea that I BRILLIANTLY come up with, nor do I even want to.  It’s impossible to please everyone, but having a targeted audience that is engaged in the content helps continues the process of something good.  Who knows?  I could be the next billionaire from creating an awesome website or idea.  I would just have to have the right audience and the right content to go with it.

When I’m targeting an audience, I want to target those who share similar interests and dislikes that I do.  If you think about it, why would you try targeting people who are going to bash your ideas and abuse the items?  It’s more fun to connect with people who share all of the appreciations that you do!  I try to stick to what I’m most passionate about, that way my content will be more interesting and knowledgeable.  Because when you try to please others, you may not be pleasing yourself, and if you’re not pleasing yourself then you are probably making shitty content.

I understand that no matter what any of us do we cannot avoid the assholes who like to dislike.  That’s when you just have to ignore and move on, or even take their criticism and use it to improve the content!!  An easy example of this would be Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg has this outstanding problem.  There are many users of Facebook, and many complainers as well.  He takes some of the issues that some people see in his network and uses it to make the website better.  Not everyone can be happy with the decisions and changes, but they aren’t the ones making billions of dollars.

Target the audience that YOU want to.  Just make sure you market the shit out of it!

Don’t Judge a Book by its Movie

I was never much of a reader, nor am I still.  The few books that I have read don’t seem to be the most popular books to the rest of the world, but it works for me.  And when it comes to books and what to know about what’s the bestselling and what author wrote what, I haven’t the slightest clue. 

When I took a glance at the best sellers, I immediately recognized only one book that sold over 100 million copies, Lord of the Rings.  And of course, I only recognized the title because of the movies.  And it was a huge surprise that out of the best selling series, Lord of the Rings was not on the list. 

But of course Harry Potter was the number one best selling book series!  I guess I should have expected that based on the popularity between the people who actually read the books and those who just watch the movie.  I mean, Harry Potter seemed very popular without the movies, but it went to a whole new level once the films came out.  And the suspense of waiting for the next once to come out gave the series even more hype!

In my opinion, the best thing about Harry Potter was the parody by University of Michigan students, A Very Potter Musical.  But as I said, I never was much of a reader. 

Who could forget Goosebumps, which made second on the bestselling book series.  Those were the only books any elementary school and middle school boy, such as myself, ever wanted to read!  And the television show that reenacted the stories were even more of an enjoyment!  It literally gives you goose bumps.

To add to the list, Star Wars seems to be more popular from the movies, but still places in the bestselling book series. 

If I were to guess, I would say there is a bit of a pattern with some of these bestselling books/series.  It seems that a fraction of the list of books have been remade into movies, which isn’t a bad thing because it allows those who don’t read as much to experience a somewhat sometimes accurate story.


It’s got an Engagement ‘Ring’ to it..

What is an engagement you ask?

No I’m not talking about two people falling in love and getting engaged to be married.  That’s something we all should understand, and try to avoid.  I’m talking about being so engaged in something that you just can’t get away from it.  Okay, that still sounds like I’m talking about an engagement to a spouse, but that’s still not what I mean.

Essentially, an engagement with a person to be married and engaging with someone and other activities do have very similar meanings.  Key ingredients to being engaged in something is having a commitment, maintained interest, and participation in the activity, whether it is in the online or offline space.  Being engaged means that you legitimately care and that you actually show it.

There are many things that people can catch themselves being engaged in every day.  When people read, they are engaged in their books.  Getting a Facebook account and using it is a significant engagement that many people share in common throughout the world.  And even a simple conversation brings a sense of engagement to both parties.  An example right now would be that you are most likely engaged with this blog.  You’re reading it, and you’re continuing to read it.  It may not be the most interesting piece of writing you have ever read, but you can suck it up and finish it.

How might one build a relationship and engage with people you ask?

Just talk to people, be friendly, ask questions, spend time with someone, and just care and act interested!  It’s pretty important to build relational closeness with others in order to have a higher sense of engagement.  By doing so, you will most likely build a trustworthy relationship with others.

So how do you build relational closeness?

  • First things first, you cannot be shy!  In order to get to know someone else, they need to get to know you.  Share yourself to others.
  • When another person is talking, be a responsive and attentive listener.  You need to really listen and give good relative feedback.  Give more than a few head nods and answers like “uh huh” or “mm k, yeah”.
  • Use relational language.  By using us, we, and other ways of making a sense of partnership, the person you are trying to engage will feel more welcoming and reassuring that you want them to be affiliated with you.
  • Spend more time with the person or at least keep a consistent contact.  Don’t make yourself feel distant from the other.  Share time, space, and touch.  Keep the touching to a limit though.  You wouldn’t want to come off as a creep.
  • Display a positive affect.  Give a smile and don’t sound so dull.

I feel like I’m still giving you dating tips.  I don’t think there is any way around it.


Digital Digital Get Down!

What hippie in their right mind would have ever thought that the world would be full of touch pads, ipods of different styles, cell phones with all sorts of apps, computers/laptops, and everything else going on in social media today?


I’m sure there were some motivated nerds in the world that new there would someday be all of these advancements, but the work and detail that goes into technology seems unreal. 

The world is consisting of codes made up of zeros, ones, and other possible variables.  If you really think about it, it’s amazing what these nerds have come up with, and how they keep track of what’s what. 

For media content to be digital would mean that every little piece of information has a certain code of some sort that differs from another.  So there would be multiple values (digits) to represent the information being transferred and used.  Just think about how many codes we have in our own devices. 

We are living in the Digital Age!

For the world to have gotten to the Digital Age, we went through a digital revolution.  This concept is the process of which the world began creating more advanced ways of social media.  We began such a process with big old computers, cell phones similar to bricks, books, and very few other ways of sharing information.  Throughout time, these devices and ideas became more and more enhanced, and soon enough we became spoiled and lucky to have these high quality ways of sharing information.

Social Media has come a long ways since the digital revolution.  Now something like the Iphone or Ipad has all the necessities we need to carry on with our day and maintain relationships of all sorts.  There is so much you are capable of doing with these things, which you could end up going crazy like this guy.