Albion College Basketball Expectations

Albion College will be hosting the Men’s Basketball: Mike Turner Tip-Off Tournament this weekend (Nov. 18th-19th) playing two games tonight (Nov. 18th) and two games tomorrow afternoon.  The teams who the Britons will host are from the University of Akron-Wayne College, Franciscan University, and Grace College

The men’s basketball team has better expectations for themselves than the preseason coaches’ poll placing the team to finish fourth in the MIAA.  With a tied third place finish in the league last year in the MIAA, Albion has much to conquer. 

The Albion College men’s basketball team is expected to start five juniors with the loss of graduating first team all conference JC Cruse and a hand injury to Senior guard Chris Hutton.  Of the starting lineup for the Britons, Kolin Kazen, Albion’s top returning scorer is placed under the spotlight to lead the team to a stellar year. 

Towards the end of last season, the Britons were at the top of their game, and that type of intensity and ability needs to transfer over to this season.

According to coach Jody May, the juniors have had large amounts of playing time, so experience should not be an issue.  It’s going to take solid defense, good rebounding, taking care of the ball, and consistant scoring in order for the Britons to win the MIAA Championship. 

Come watch the Britons tip-off their season during this weekend tournament in the Kresge Gym starting at 6 pm and 8 pm tonight, and also with games at 2 pm and 4 pm tomorrow (Nov. 19th).


Britons Stocked with Recognition

The Albion College Britons became the outright MIAA League champs over the recent weekend (11/12/11) in a 41-14 win over Trine University.  A special congrats to junior running back, Clinton Orr on breaking Albion’s career rushing record (3,163 yards in 28 games) against the Thunder with 200 yards on 28 carries in the game.

Although Orr has made significant personal accomplishments, a league championship does not get won alone.  The Britons had a hand full of players that were recognized and placed on the first and second all conference teams (8 first team/ 6 second team) to assist Orr’s accomplishments.

Those who were awarded the 1st team all conference award were:

WR Brian Spencer, OL Eric Woods, OL Chris Ogston, TE Tyler Kramer, RB Clinton Orr, DT C.J. Carroll, LB John Lesinski, and CB Chris Greenwood

Those who were awarded the 2nd team all conference award were:

QB Spencer Krauss, WR JC Cruse, DE Jacob Heinrich, DB Derek Jackson, CB Lorenzo Reese, LB Brett McCarty, and K Nick Pendall

Albion College Football  was selected to play the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for their first round in the NCAA D3 playoffs.  Whitewater is on a 40-game win streak and are the two-time defending champs in Division III football.  Although these statistics would seem intimidating to most people, the Britons are preparing as normal and show no signs of fear or intimidation while strolling through campus.

Wes Dolen, a junior running back says,”The way we see it, nobody other than the players wearing purple on Saturday think we have a chance to win.  And that’s okay by us because our opinions are all that matter.  We are ready to shock the nation.”



Congratulations to the players and the team for their accomplishments!  Go Brits!

Expectations for the MIAA Champs

Albion College Football team will be facing off against last season’s league winners Trine University on Saturday, November 12th.  Last season, the Brits were in the running for the MIAA Championship, but with a loss to Trine during the last game of the regular season they were held to 2nd in the league.  This year’s competition is expected to have a different outcome.

Albion College was chosen to win 2nd in the preseason while Trine University was placed 1st.  The Brits went 0-3 during their non-conference games,  but bounced back with a 5-0 win streak in league play.  Minus a loss to Depauw University in the Britons final non-conference competition, heads are still held high to become the undisputed league champions.  Albion College football has not won the league since 2005 under Coach Rundle.

The video below is a recap of the Depauw vs. Albion game and a Trine vs. Albion preview.  Rundle also discusses some impacts for the game.

Trine has two losses in league play, so they have not been in the running for a MIAA championship, but it is expected of them to have an attempt at spoiling the fun.  As a person who lives with a portion of the football team, I have noticed that they are prepared and anxious.

The expectations for the Britons are high, and the anticipation is even higher.  Rumor has it that the crowd will be large and full of emotion.  Tailgating in the Ferguson parking lot will be occurring where alumni, faculty and staff, friends and family, and students will come together in a pre-celebration for the Albion College Brits.  With the last home game of the season, the Brits are going out with a bang!

Times Have Changed

Youth culture has come a long ways from the 1950s to the 2000s.  With the introduction of Rock N’ Roll in the late 50s, youth culture began to show signs of rebellion.  I don’t mean to make the word rebellion sound dangerous because that just isn’t the case.  Kids simply wanted to veer away from what their parents wanted them to follow.  Things were changing like clothing, hair style, music interests, and we can’t forget about the increase in drug use to “expand our minds.”

I was born in 1990, but I didn’t really get to experience the significance of the 90s.  I was just born and barely growing up.  I often think to myself how different life would have been for me if I went through the 90s in my teenage years.

Many people became very individualistic and somewhat rebelled the culture.  Tattoos and body piercings became extremely popular, and retro styles were inspired by fashions of the 1960s and 1970s.  Extreme sports and outdoor activity increased as well.  So the addition of athletics with the appreciation of nature became very common which is a huge reason for my interest in this particular decade.


The California culture was a heavy influence to most of the youth culture during the 90s.  Expanding your mind was just as common as it was in the earlier decades with the use of marijuana and other drugs that seemed to be less enforced in comparison to today’s society.

We can all ask ourselves what life would be life if we were in a different decade, but there can only be guesses.  As I watch YouTube videos on documentaries of Sublime and live shows of Pearl Jam, I can only imagine myself being on a stage.  And I can only blame myself for not rebelling against my parents sooner in life.



Two-way Journalism?

It would be ideal for me to write some sort of report for my own predictions prior to the event.  If I were to write about the Detroit Lions I would give my own prediction on the game by explaining why certain results may occur due to other various predictions during the game.  Using previous game information from my own experience of watching the game is important for me if I want to make an educated guess.  By using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and a blogging site I would be able to generate feedback from other people prior to the game.

When the game finishes, I would use the results and statistics while also using my own experience of watching the game to make an analysis or summary.  This can give others the opportunity to generate even more feedback regardless if they had or had not done so prior to the game.

Being that I have played football at a collegiate level, I feel like I would have a bit more of an understanding about the game and all of the little factors that can make or break a game.  Essentially, all I would do is tell the audience who I think will win the next game and why.  I feel that I would be able to generate some good feedback with an educated prediction.


This is where I explain who I choose to win and why.  What’s your pick?

“You play ball like a girl!”

The Sandlot (1993) will forever be known for the escapades involving baseball, tree house sleep-overs, the lifeguard at the local pool that the boys go goo-goo for, the stuck up over confident enemy baseball team, and the nicknamed kids (Smalls, Benny the Jet, Ham, Yeah Yeah, Squints, and Repeat are a few of them). And we all know the legend of what’s passed the fence of The Sandlot, the Beast.

One of my favorite scenes in this movie is where Hamilton Porter has a verbal debate against a local “hot shot” in order to defend his teammates and friends.  The famous line used in the verbal debate that many of us have been guilty of having association with( commonly in athletics) is “You play ball like a girl!”

In the moment, we all laugh and cheer on Ham as he takes on the enemy, but this phrase has brought up a few problems which is why we should avoid these sort of phrases.

In many athletics, coaches and players use this phrase as motivation to play better.  We can get the impression that “playing ball like a girl” means that you would be viewed as less talented and unequal to the boys.  In reality, it is an insult to women.  Even if you are being called a “sissy” or anything of that matter it is still referring to females.  Many people say that they don’t think of these types of references as an insult to women because it happens unconsciously, but I think it is something everyone should be aware of who the real victim can be.

Am I making this out to be a bigger deal than what it should be?

Taking a Detour is a music recommendation service. We use by signing up for an account, and it helps us discover more music based on the songs we play. tells you what songs you play most often, which songs you like the most, how much you’ve played an artist over a certain amount of time, which of your friends have similar interests in music, and all kinds of stuff. By focusing on the music we’ve already played helps us discover more music.

I like to think that is the highway leading us to a  specific destination, but having detours along the way.  When using, you play a certain radio station so you can listen to a specific style of music.  The catch is that the station may not take you directly to the specific artist that you probably want to hear right away. gives you the option of what music you want to listen to, but plays other unfamiliar yet similar songs throughout the time spent on the chosen radio station.

Here is my reasoning for why I use a highway leading to a specific destination for a representation of You log in using your account which can represent a vehicle. The chosen radio station is the highway that we take to get to a destination.  The destination represents the music that we know and recognize from choosing the radio station.  As I said earlier, there is a catch.  We don’t get to our destination on a direct route.  We get to our destination by taking the detours, which represent the unfamiliar songs we hear before getting to the ones we are familiar with.

We may not get to our favorite songs right away, but we still end up hearing them.  We just take the detours to help us discover new music along the way.