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Expectations for the MIAA Champs

Albion College Football team will be facing off against last season’s league winners Trine University on Saturday, November 12th.  Last season, the Brits were in the running for the MIAA Championship, but with a loss to Trine during the last game of the regular season they were held to 2nd in the league.  This year’s competition is expected to have a different outcome.

Albion College was chosen to win 2nd in the preseason while Trine University was placed 1st.  The Brits went 0-3 during their non-conference games,  but bounced back with a 5-0 win streak in league play.  Minus a loss to Depauw University in the Britons final non-conference competition, heads are still held high to become the undisputed league champions.  Albion College football has not won the league since 2005 under Coach Rundle.

The video below is a recap of the Depauw vs. Albion game and a Trine vs. Albion preview.  Rundle also discusses some impacts for the game.

Trine has two losses in league play, so they have not been in the running for a MIAA championship, but it is expected of them to have an attempt at spoiling the fun.  As a person who lives with a portion of the football team, I have noticed that they are prepared and anxious.

The expectations for the Britons are high, and the anticipation is even higher.  Rumor has it that the crowd will be large and full of emotion.  Tailgating in the Ferguson parking lot will be occurring where alumni, faculty and staff, friends and family, and students will come together in a pre-celebration for the Albion College Brits.  With the last home game of the season, the Brits are going out with a bang!


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