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Times Have Changed

Youth culture has come a long ways from the 1950s to the 2000s.  With the introduction of Rock N’ Roll in the late 50s, youth culture began to show signs of rebellion.  I don’t mean to make the word rebellion sound dangerous because that just isn’t the case.  Kids simply wanted to veer away from what their parents wanted them to follow.  Things were changing like clothing, hair style, music interests, and we can’t forget about the increase in drug use to “expand our minds.”

I was born in 1990, but I didn’t really get to experience the significance of the 90s.  I was just born and barely growing up.  I often think to myself how different life would have been for me if I went through the 90s in my teenage years.

Many people became very individualistic and somewhat rebelled the culture.  Tattoos and body piercings became extremely popular, and retro styles were inspired by fashions of the 1960s and 1970s.  Extreme sports and outdoor activity increased as well.  So the addition of athletics with the appreciation of nature became very common which is a huge reason for my interest in this particular decade.


The California culture was a heavy influence to most of the youth culture during the 90s.  Expanding your mind was just as common as it was in the earlier decades with the use of marijuana and other drugs that seemed to be less enforced in comparison to today’s society.

We can all ask ourselves what life would be life if we were in a different decade, but there can only be guesses.  As I watch YouTube videos on documentaries of Sublime and live shows of Pearl Jam, I can only imagine myself being on a stage.  And I can only blame myself for not rebelling against my parents sooner in life.




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