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I have decided to broaden my horizons in the social media world.  Rather than sticking to only Facebook, I have chosen to experiment with Google Plus, Last.FM, and Twitter to experience more social media extravaganzas.  Although I have accounts with these three social media tools already, I plan to expand my knowledge of the three tools and find more significance between the three.

Google Plus

I find Google Plus to be similar to other social networks.  This is the one I am most unfamiliar with as to how they are trying to separate themselves from other networks.  I understand you must have a gmail address in order to have a GooglePlus account, and I also get that you can have many circles of friends to share all sorts of news, information, and other stuff that people find interesting or useful.  I want to experiment with this network the most so that I can understand what is so significantly different in comparison to others.


This is the social music revolution, apparently.  I am always very interested in finding new music and finding people that share similar taste in music with me.  Last.FM is similar to Pandora, but more of a social network mixed with it.  I expect to find many friends on there so that I can be introduced to new music while introducing music to others. 


This social media tool is a network that keeps you updated on all of your interests.  You can follow whoever you want that shares information that you care about or find interesting and be updated with every conversation.  Common expectations that people have for Twitter are that they can be updated by many of their friends or celebrities from all over the world.  I plan to follow some of my favorite musicians, actors/shows, athletes, and some of my friends so that I can experience everything new going on with them.  

To understand each of these social media networking tools, I plan to just experiment and click around.  I want to see what I can find and see what others are doing that is popular or not, this way I can get the experience I need to become an expert.  I also want to eventually be able to share my own thoughts and ideas so that I can give my knowledge to others.

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