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Jesus is My Airbag

There are multiple ways you might interpret this picture of Dave Grohl.  You might see a rebel, a drunk asshole, a fun guy, a professional scooter driver, or even a Christian. But that’s not what makes the image. What makes the image so significant is the smallest thing on the poster.  What some people might think of as just a bumper sticker, I think of as an important message.

With a beer in one hand, a middle finger up in the other, and Dave’s teeth-gritting expression, it just seems to tell me, “FUCK IT! GO LIVE IT UP!”

But there’s more to it.

It’s funny how the image combines Dave on the scooter with a “Jesus is my airbag” bumper sticker.  Obviously he isn’t driving the scooter, but he clearly doesn’t give a shit, and nor should we.  The image all together is telling me that Jesus has our backs, and Dave is our primary example here.  When I see Dave, I see a man who is raging out for life, trying to live it to the fullest and not have a worry in the world.  Let’s be honest, there is a lot to worry about in this life of ours. We have to follow the laws and do all the bullshit that the government is forcing us to do.  But I think what the ultimate message the image is attempting to portray is that through every life choice we are begin protected by the man above.  We shouldn’t be afraid of the things in life because Jesus IS our airbag.

If you aren’t a firm believer in Jesus, then you may not agree with me, but just try to understand.

Look deeper into the bumper sticker!

Jesus is my airbag.
Jesus is comparable to an airbag in a weird way, so before you get your panties in a bunch for thinking I’m messed up in the head let me try to explain it to you.  The vehicle can be a model of our life and the airbag can be a model of Jesus.  In a car we have choices to make like putting on a seat belt and driving a certain way just like we have to make choices in life.  We cannot choose when the airbag goes off, it just does at the necessary times just as Jesus does.

When we crash or fall, Jesus is there for us.  Whether we live or die, there is always a positive to take from the things that happen to us.  If we live, we take a lesson from it.  And if we die then we start a new eternal life in heaven.  There is no reason to be afraid of death.  These things happen to us for a reason.  We have a direction and choices to make during our life.  And Jesus is the one who is there to guide and save us.  Sort of like an airbag.


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