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They rocked the 90s with their ripped jean shorts, high socks and boots, worn down t-shirts with a plaid shirt tied around their waist, and we can’t forget the long hair used to head bang the shit out of the stage.  With both hands up in the air giving the symbol of rock, fans from all over worshipped this group. 

Pearl Jam didn’t just have a rockin voice with a few mean guitars and a kick ass drumset.  They were lyricists!  They played songs about abuse, hope, rebellion, and other emotions that engaged in so many troubling young adults.  This was the generation of the good old “fuck you, World!”  And Pearl Jam was a great addition to the rebellious soundtrack.

Black is a personal favorite of mine because of the connection I get from listening to it.  Not only am I a huge fan of the instrumental aspects, but I’m just as much of a fan of the lyrics.  When you listen to Pearl Jam, it’s common for you to want to rock out, but if you listen to the words, you will get more out of the meaning and become attached.  Black is essentially about a Romeo losing his Juliet.  Just like anyone, he is troubled and confused, and as said in the song “All the love gone bad turned my world to black”.  You really just have to listen to the lyrics to understand and feel the emotion behind it. 

To add to the song, the instruments add a good head bang and feel for the rock aspect.  The guitar is soft throughout the song, but when it begins to break down you can feel it getting heavy.  I absolutely enjoy listening to the guitar when it harmonizes with the piano and singing at the end. 

The most important part about this song is the voice of Eddie Vedder.  Eddie is one of my favorite singers.  Not only does he have a great sound to his voice, he always puts all of his energy into the song and displays so much emotion.  As his voice gets louder and louder, and begins to scream as the song progresses is when you can really understand the idea of the pain behind losing his lover. 

Listen to this song!  Pay attention to the lyrics more so than anything, but really get a feel for his voice.  You might get chills at the end with the combination of the guitar, piano, lyrics, and his heart raging voice.


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