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Let’s say that this blog is a smashing hit!  It gets a lot of comments and a lot of views.  I attract a bunch of people and they keep coming back for more.  Now my blog page is a hit with a great target base, and now im a millionaire.


It’s a great feeling when you hit it right on the money.  You’re on top of your game, and more people want to be in your shoes.  But who are your followers?  Who do you want to follow you?  What’s your target?

Realistically, I’m not going to attract everyone to my blogs or to any other idea that I BRILLIANTLY come up with, nor do I even want to.  It’s impossible to please everyone, but having a targeted audience that is engaged in the content helps continues the process of something good.  Who knows?  I could be the next billionaire from creating an awesome website or idea.  I would just have to have the right audience and the right content to go with it.

When I’m targeting an audience, I want to target those who share similar interests and dislikes that I do.  If you think about it, why would you try targeting people who are going to bash your ideas and abuse the items?  It’s more fun to connect with people who share all of the appreciations that you do!  I try to stick to what I’m most passionate about, that way my content will be more interesting and knowledgeable.  Because when you try to please others, you may not be pleasing yourself, and if you’re not pleasing yourself then you are probably making shitty content.

I understand that no matter what any of us do we cannot avoid the assholes who like to dislike.  That’s when you just have to ignore and move on, or even take their criticism and use it to improve the content!!  An easy example of this would be Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg has this outstanding problem.  There are many users of Facebook, and many complainers as well.  He takes some of the issues that some people see in his network and uses it to make the website better.  Not everyone can be happy with the decisions and changes, but they aren’t the ones making billions of dollars.

Target the audience that YOU want to.  Just make sure you market the shit out of it!


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