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Don’t Judge a Book by its Movie

I was never much of a reader, nor am I still.  The few books that I have read don’t seem to be the most popular books to the rest of the world, but it works for me.  And when it comes to books and what to know about what’s the bestselling and what author wrote what, I haven’t the slightest clue. 

When I took a glance at the best sellers, I immediately recognized only one book that sold over 100 million copies, Lord of the Rings.  And of course, I only recognized the title because of the movies.  And it was a huge surprise that out of the best selling series, Lord of the Rings was not on the list. 

But of course Harry Potter was the number one best selling book series!  I guess I should have expected that based on the popularity between the people who actually read the books and those who just watch the movie.  I mean, Harry Potter seemed very popular without the movies, but it went to a whole new level once the films came out.  And the suspense of waiting for the next once to come out gave the series even more hype!

In my opinion, the best thing about Harry Potter was the parody by University of Michigan students, A Very Potter Musical.  But as I said, I never was much of a reader. 

Who could forget Goosebumps, which made second on the bestselling book series.  Those were the only books any elementary school and middle school boy, such as myself, ever wanted to read!  And the television show that reenacted the stories were even more of an enjoyment!  It literally gives you goose bumps.

To add to the list, Star Wars seems to be more popular from the movies, but still places in the bestselling book series. 

If I were to guess, I would say there is a bit of a pattern with some of these bestselling books/series.  It seems that a fraction of the list of books have been remade into movies, which isn’t a bad thing because it allows those who don’t read as much to experience a somewhat sometimes accurate story.



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