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Digital Digital Get Down!

What hippie in their right mind would have ever thought that the world would be full of touch pads, ipods of different styles, cell phones with all sorts of apps, computers/laptops, and everything else going on in social media today?


I’m sure there were some motivated nerds in the world that new there would someday be all of these advancements, but the work and detail that goes into technology seems unreal. 

The world is consisting of codes made up of zeros, ones, and other possible variables.  If you really think about it, it’s amazing what these nerds have come up with, and how they keep track of what’s what. 

For media content to be digital would mean that every little piece of information has a certain code of some sort that differs from another.  So there would be multiple values (digits) to represent the information being transferred and used.  Just think about how many codes we have in our own devices. 

We are living in the Digital Age!

For the world to have gotten to the Digital Age, we went through a digital revolution.  This concept is the process of which the world began creating more advanced ways of social media.  We began such a process with big old computers, cell phones similar to bricks, books, and very few other ways of sharing information.  Throughout time, these devices and ideas became more and more enhanced, and soon enough we became spoiled and lucky to have these high quality ways of sharing information.

Social Media has come a long ways since the digital revolution.  Now something like the Iphone or Ipad has all the necessities we need to carry on with our day and maintain relationships of all sorts.  There is so much you are capable of doing with these things, which you could end up going crazy like this guy.


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