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Sending a Message

A media that many people consume regularly are television shows, but not every person watches the same show.  Some people watch certain shows that deliver certain messages for each episode, while each episode may have a unique way of conveying the message.

Ask yourself what your favorite show is.  What seems to be the purpose of the show?  There is a surface to what we see in episodes, but if we dig deeper, I think we can learn more than just an emotion.

Wilfred, a new series on FX, is an interesting comedy show about a psychologically struggling man, Ryan, imagining his neighbor’s dog Wilfred as a bipedal, pot-smoking dude in a dog suit, but to the world he is just a dog.  Each episode starts with a quote with relation to psychology and uses a specific word within the quote to be the theme and ending message of the episode.  The previous episodes have had themes such as: happiness, trust, fear, acception, respect, conscience, pride, anger, compassion, isolation, doubt, sacrifice, and identity. 

Ryan, the psychologically struggling man, has gone through his entire life doing things for other people and not himself.  He hasn’t lived his own life!  When you watch the show you just think that Wilfred is a troublesome dog always bothering Ryan and getting him to go against his conscience, but in the end Ryan comes to find the right over the wrong.  In the many situations that Ryan finds himself in, Wilfred gives his instinctive advice for Ryan to follow.  Ryan seems to struggle to follow his own conscience, but Wilfred, his new best friend, helps him along the way.  Or so he thinks.

Explaining “Wilfred” to you is a pretty difficult task for you to catch.  Watch this video!  This gives you examples and footage from the show while hearing thoughts from the actors.  If you don’t watch this then you will forever be confused!


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