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Damn it, Facebook!!

Out of all possibilities throughout the world wide web, I waste most of my free time on Facebook.  I’m not the only one though!  Countless hours of looking through pictures, reading pointless posts, avoiding chats with creepers, complaining about how the old Facebook is better. Sound familiar?  The list of cons goes on, but why do I proceed to follow the trend of Facebook?

Like anyone else who uses Facebook, I use it to stay connected to my friends and family.  Sometimes I find myself creeping through the network, but who doesn’t.  It almost seems like the ultimate point of having one. This “time trap” of a network keeps me engaged for more than the connection though, even if I don’t want to admit it.  There is no thinking when I am on Facebook.  I just click, go, and then I find myself looking through pictures people upload.  There is nothing wrong with appreciating a beautiful woman’s snapshots.

When it comes to having expertise on Facebook, there is none.  I don’t believe in it, unless you’re the creator or on the Facebook team.  I, along with everyone else on Facebook, just know the basics: photos/videos, posts, comments, events, groups, etc.

The more and more I think about it, the more and more I really dislike Facebook.  I guess I’m just disappointed that I’m friends with my kid brother’s friends, and the level of drama on Facebook seems to increase every day.  But it doesn’t stop me from regretfully logging on. (25 Things I Hate About Facebook)

I could keep trash talking about how dumb Facebook is and how it wastes my time, but being able to connect with people minutes, hours, or days away from me trumps it all.  But in all honesty, this blog shouldn’t have taken me over an hour to write.  I can blame Facebook for that.


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