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What is the world coming to?!

Social Media is the connection, transfer, and/or sharing of information, ideas, and/or opinions through the internet using conversational media.  It’s the activity, practice, and behavior of people who gather online to connect with others.  Although this may be a logical definition for social media, but it really doesn’t seem to tell you what’s important nor catch your immediate attention. 

Social Media is about people.  Without people being interested in other people, there would be absolutely no point to social media.  We have social networks and the other common uses of the internet because we all want to be connected to large numbers of people, whether it’s publicly or privately viewed. 

Have you ever heard of Facebook?  Twitter? Google Plus?  Youtube?  Of course you have!  These social networks and search engines are on the top of the world!  Even this blog page has a sharing link to Facebook and Twitter.

Just to catch your attention, if Facebook were a country it would be the world’s third largest.  Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine.  And if Wikipedia were made into a book, it would be 2.25 million pages long while taking you over 123 years to read.

It’s obvious that not every single person in the world uses these online networks or search engines, but it’s even more obvious that we are beginning to rely on the use of the internet to satisfy our needs or wants.  Social Media is commonly used for connecting with friends, dating, business, news, etc. 

Life has seemed to become simpler and easier through the use of social media.  Think of life without it. (various information is found in this eye-opening video, Social Media Revolution 2011)


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